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Crates and Rares

Applecraft’s thousands of custom rare items and monthly crates are one of our most popular features! At the beginning of each month, we release a new crate with custom items. Each month, the crate revolves around a specific theme. For example, some crates we’ve had include the Adventure Crate, Halloween Crate, and Technology Crate.
To get an item from a crate, you will need a crate key. Crate keys can be won through voting, purchased in the voteshop, or purchased on the Applecraft store. Once you have a key, visit the crate at /spawn and right-click it with a key in your inventory.
To view past crates and use keys, each world has a Crate Hall. You can visit the Crate Hall by right-clicking the Crate Hall NPC at spawn next to the current crate.