A Quest Scroll is a piece of paper that has a list of objectives written on it that you have to complete in the given time period to claim a reward. Objectives can vary from mining, smelting, killing, eating, crafting, and more! Complete every objective on your scroll to redeem the prize.

Quest scrolls are a fun way to complete objectives in Minecraft while also getting rewarded for it! There are 3 different types of quest scrolls; a Daily Quest Scroll, Weekly Quest Scroll, and Monthly Quest Scroll.

Daily Quest Scrolls have 3 objectives, usually used as a smaller part of a larger event and can be completed once a day.

Weekly Quest Scrolls can be claimed once a week with harder objectives, but once completed will reward you with a Quest Key that can be claimed at /spawn in the Quest Crate for unique prizes!

The Monthly Quest Scroll has a lot of variations in how it works. Typically, the Monthly Quest Scroll has a theme or is close in theme to the monthly crate at the time. Monthly scrolls can be 1-10 pages or roughly 5-50 objectives in total, but don't worry, you have 30 days to complete it!

Scrolls can be claimed once per player across all worlds and cannot be traded, so make sure you're on the world you would like to claim your scroll!

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