About Applecraft, Each World, and their Differences

Applecraft opened January 3, 2016! We have 4 worlds - Blue, Red, Purple, and Green. All worlds share the same rules, with the main difference between the worlds being how old they are.

  • Blue's border is at 72k in each direction, 1.12+ generated

  • Red's border is at 67k in each direction, 1.13+ generated

  • Purple's border is at 62k in each direction, 1.14+ generated

  • Green's border is at 20k in each direction, 1.17/1.18+ generated

  • Each world has expanded several times to include newer Minecraft updates

For rares, blue/red/purple share the same crates, while Green has less crates. Blue also has some old rares that were not in crates.

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