Getting Started

Welcome to Applecraft! If you're a new player or checking out our server, here's a very basic gist of our server. More detailed information is provided in the rest of this wiki.

Applecraft is a semi-vanilla survival server. Playing Applecraft is like playing regular survival, but with some great quality-of-life improvements to make the game more fun and engaging with players.

Voting: We have voting that helps you rank up and earn rewards! Voting is also a way to earn Crate Keys, which can be used to unlock lots of unique items each month! Other rewards include diamonds, levels, and vote points, which can be used at the /voteshop for custom items.

Player Shops: There are hundreds of player shops on Applecraft instead of a central store. We use ores as our currency, such as diamonds or diamond blocks, so you could immediately start buying things once you go mining. You can get to the shops from the portal at /spawn or do /shop (player).

Claims: You could claim your land to ensure that other players cannot steal your items or break your home. Griefing is not allowed on Applecraft, but we still recommend everyone claims their land to prevent issues with stealing. You can claim land based on how many claim blocks you have. By default, everyone starts with 1000 and can earn about 150 per hour of active play. You can use a golden shovel to right-click the ground to claim land.

Sethomes: You can use "/sethome (name)" to create a home at your base. Use "/home (name)" to teleport to the location. Vote to gain more sethomes, see "/ranks" in-game to see how many votes each rank has.

Crates and Rares: Every month we release a new crate with a fun theme! Each crate has a variety of custom-made items (called "rares") that you could win. Voting gives you the chance to win a crate key which could be used to unlock 1 item from the crate randomly. Note that keys and rares are worth a lot of diamond blocks (db), we recommend asking in chat for a price check before trading them to make sure you get a fair trade!

Events: With every monthly crate, there’s a monthly theme. Sometimes it will just be just a cool crate - like space, gaming, storybook, and some other times the theme may be related to the season or the month, like summer crate in June or Halloween in October. In many of those seasons, our server can have events, which can be found at the /spawn area through an NPC. With most events, there are easy-to-get prizes and awards that can help you get keys, basic tools, or nice decoration.

Ranks: Applecraft has many vote ranks and donor ranks. Vote ranks can be unlocked by achieving a specific number of votes. Each vote rank grants you additional sethomes. Donator ranks and their additional perks could be viewed on the Applecraft store.

Which world should I play on? Click on the "About Applecraft, Each World, and their Differences" section a few sections down to learn more.

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