How to Sell or Display Items in a Shop

To sell an item at a shop, you must place down a single chest (double chests do not work) then place a sign on the front of the chest with Shift + Right-Click. Type this format on the sign:

Line 1: [PRICE]

Line 2: The amount of a certain currency. This must be a number between 1 and 64.

Line 3: The currency type. See below for the full currency list.

Line 4: Your in-game username, or leave blank if your name is too long (it will autofill).






Currency types:

  • ironingot

  • ironnugget

  • ironblock

  • goldingot

  • goldnugget

  • goldblock

  • diamond

  • diamondblock

  • netherite

  • netheriteblock

  • emerald

  • emeraldblock

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