Rare/Enchant Removals and Replacements

Use the Kazzam NPC at /spawn or a grindstone to remove enchants and effects that you no longer want on an item.

Admins are able to remove custom enchants from items or replace an item under certain circumstances.

Admins can remove or refund custom enchants if:

  • The custom enchant does not work on the item you applied it on

  • The enchant overrides another enchant

Admins can replace an item if:

  • Your copy of the item does not work

  • Item is lost to lag and we have proof you had the item

  • An item with an unplaceable tag was placed

We do not replace items under these circumstances:

  • An item is accidentally consumed (ex. Potion rares)

  • An item is accidentally used (ex. Token rares)

  • An item is lost to lag and we do not have logs you owned it

  • An item without an unplaceable tag is placed

  • An item was dropped and despawned

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