Trust Levels

You could β€œtrust” other players to your land in different ways. At any point, you could use /untrust to remove their access. These levels of trust are like a hierarchy, higher levels of trust gain the benefits of the lower levels of trust, so if somebody has /trust, they also have the benefits of /accesstrust and /containertrust, but not /permissiontrust.

Claim Commands



Allows players to use buttons, levers, pressure plates, and enter the claim if a NoEnter flag is enabled


Allows players to use containers, mobs, and PvP (if the PvP claim flag is enabled)


Allows players to build


Allows players to change permissions, such as levels of trust

  • You could grant a level of trust to a specific player, or "public" for everybody. For example, if you want everybody to be able to open a door, use /accesstrust public

  • If a player trusted to your claim is offline for an extended period of time, you may not be able to untrust them, in which case you will need to abandon your claim and reclaim your land if you want them untrusted.

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